Property and business valuation


Valuation of property is a fundamental Corporation is service, the essence of which - to give the customer an objective and unbiased opinion on the condition of the property, its suitability for use and the expected market value.

The following tangible, intangible, and (or) financial values located in the territory of the Republic of Lithuania may become the subject to the property valuation: real estate (land, buildings, premises, constructions, equipment, etc.), movable property (vehicles, machinery, machine tools, processing equipment, etc.), trademarks, shares, as well as material (property) rights and business.

The property valuation is carried out in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Lithuania on Property and Business Valuation Framework, property valuation methods, international and European valuation standards, other legal acts regulating separate assessment fields, and code of professional ethics.

The company complies with the regulation of the Law of the Republic of Lithuania on Property and Business Assessment Framework concerning the state supervision of valuators and property assessment companies: the company possesses the qualification certificate No. 000001, issued on 24 January 2000, allowing carrying out the property and business assessment activities, and is insured with the public liability insurance (the total amount of insurance is 1 million Litas).

The Corporation Matininkai carries out the property valuation over the whole territory of Lithuania. Its activities are managed by the central office that is located in Vilnius. The company has five regional branches with offices in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda, Šiauliai, and Panevėžys. The company employs 25 property valuers having qualification certificates.

One of the traditional valuation services is assessment of the property hypothecated to the bank. We have cooperation agreements signed with the country's major commercial banks and foreign bank branches (AB SEB Bank, Swedbank AB, AB DnB Bank, AB Citadele Bank, AB, Medicinos bankas UAB, Nordea Bank Finland Plc Lithuanian branch,). The Corporation Matininkai assesses the property of these banks' clients, so that they could hypothecate it or acquire it by means of leasing (financial lease) in the banks' secondary enterprises. We provide the assessment services to other commercial banks, foreign banks and their branches as well.

Taking into consideration the needs of economic agents, the Corporation Matininkai specializes in the following assessment field:

  • companies' long-term tangible assets, when the assets are entered in the financial accounting documents;
  • valuation of contributions in spiece (property) into established joint-stock companies or government enterprises reorganized into joint-stock companies;
  • companies' shares (block of shares) if the company is being disposed of or if the valuation customer so wishes;
  • companies' shares (block of shares) exchange ratio justification, when joint-stock companies are reorganized (merged or divided).

Within the 21 years period of working with a wide range of customers, which included large and very large companies, and carrying out the property assessment in a variety of case and circumstances, the Corporation Matininkai has accumulated a unique experience, created databases, and is now able to undertake extremely large assessment projects or simultaneously assess a number of objects within a short period of time.